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This Ex-Big 4 CPA Left His Job to Fight COVID-19

Andy Halpern turned a crisis into an opportunity after he parted ways with his corporate job due to COVID-19. As the world struggles with the tradeoff between economic pain and public health consequences, Andy saw…

How to Stay Productive While Working from Home

How to Build Strong Communication with Remote Work Teams

How to Build Strong Communication with Remote Work Teams

Hiring remote professionals is top of mind for many executives looking to expand competencies rapidly. More than just a trend, though, remote work is reshaping the workplace.  As technology enables us to perform our work…
remote work policy

7 Tips to Create a Great Remote Work Policy

While every company must have standards for the office environment, the modern workplace extends far beyond cubicles and watercooler chit chat. As more companies allow remote work (such as working from home or a coworking…
freelance accounting

Freelance Trends in 2020 that are Shaping the Future of Work

Changes in technology and workplace expectations are leading professionals into uncharted territory. There is no longer one way to work, and traditional employment models are now one of many options. In this time of professional…
freelance culture

4 Tips for Creating a Freelancer-Friendly Culture in your CPA Firm

If you’re thinking of incorporating freelancers into your company’s workforce, join the party! Major companies like Amazon, Dell, Hilton, and Apple all use freelancers to help power their business operations, and the phenomenon is only…
remote tax jobs

Looking for Remote Tax Opportunities That Pay Well? Beech Valley Is Hiring for Busy Season 2020!

Imagine getting paid more money for each hour you work, eliminating your commute, and working from the comfort of your own home. If you’re a licensed CPA with tax experience from a public accounting firm…
Flextime and Remote Worker Policies

3 Ways to Prepare Your CPA Firm to Go Remote

The “remote work revolution” is well under way. In 2019, approximately 66% of companies report having at least some remote workers, while 16% are fully remote. Businesses continue to implement new policies to offer more flexibility…
freelance accountant

How Freelance Accountants Ease Tax Time Stress at CPA Firms

Tax season is just around the corner. Maybe your accounting firm has gained a few large clients this year and you’re not sure how your in-house CPAs will handle the uptick in tax time activity.…
referral program

Beech Valley Solutions Referral Program | Help Expand our Freelance CPA Network

Top consultants learn early on that cross-selling is key to growing a business. Cross-selling means offering related products or services to existing customers based on their needs and interests. Many experts swear by it as…

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