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Meet Internal Auditor: Victoria

By Brad Hughes

  • March 02, 2023
  • 1 min. read

We talked to some of our most outstanding contractors to get their take on why the freelancing lifestyle was the best choice for them. Here’s a portion of our interview.


Internal Audit and Internal Controls

Life stage:

Young Professional

Beech Valley Outcome:

An ability to advance my career while embracing an entrepreneurial spirit.

How long have you been working with Beech Valley?

I have worked with Beech Valley for close to a year.

How many projects did you take on?

I just completed my first project with Beech Valley.

What motivated you to take the leap from full-time to freelancing?

I wanted a more flexible schedule to be able to pursue my personal interests more. I also wanted to be able to do the work I love without the politics involved in working for a large CPA firm or Public Company.

How did Beech Valley influence your career and life path?

BV helped me to bring my entrepreneurial spirit into my life as an accountant. The flexibility I’ve had working for them has also allowed me to travel more which is something I love.

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