• Tony M
    Manager Audit
  • Barry K
    Manager Tax
  • Victoria T.
    Senior Associate Advisory
  • Onorio M.
    Senior Associate Tax

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We understand how time-consuming and difficult hiring can be, and we take great pride in supporting you. That’s why Beech Valley takes great pride in pre-vetting top-tier accounting, finance, and IT consultants. Our team quickly and efficiently matches you with skilled and motivated consultants so you can successfully win and staff client engagements with confidence and ease.

  • Tax

    • Tax Prep and Review
    • Estate and Gift Tax
    • R&D Tax Credits
    • Corporate Tax Consulting
    • International Tax
    • State and Local Tax
  • Assurance

    • Substantive Testing
    • Internal Controls
    • Audit Planning
    • Technical Accounting Memos
    • Engagement Management
  • Risk

    • IT Compliance / SOX
    • Cybersecurity
    • Sustainability and ESG Reporting
    • Risk Assessment / COSO
    • SOC 2 Reporting
    • PCI Compliance

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Gain instant access to an exclusive network of pre-vetted accounting talent. Our consultants are immediately available and easily searchable.

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Barry K.

Manager Nashville, TN
11 Years
Skills and Experience
1065 1120s Compliance Corporate Tax CPA

Tony M.

Manager Chicago, IL
13 Years
Skills and Experience
Audit Manager Controllership Former Big 4 CPA FP&A SOX Technical Accounting

Onorio M.

Senior Associate Houston, TX
Senior Associate
8 years
Skills and Experience
CPA External Audit Public Accounting

Victoria T.

Advisory Consultant Charleston, SC
Senior Associate
6 Years
Skills and Experience
CPA Internal Audit & Assurance Process Improvement

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