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The Importance of Vetting Solutions in Accounting and Finance

  • October 03, 2023
  • 2 min. read

Securing the right talent is imperative for accounting firms in today’s competitive business environment. In the high-stakes world of accounting and finance, firms require professionals who are not only technically proficient but also adaptable and reliable. While internal hiring departments are effective, they sometimes lack the scalability and cost-effectiveness needed, particularly during the busy season.

The Limitations of Generalist Staffing Firms

Traditional staffing methods, whether conducted internally or through generalist staffing firms, may not always meet the unique talent needs of accounting firms. These methods can be time-consuming and expensive. Additionally, they may not always yield the best candidates for specialized roles such as Fractional CFO, SOX Compliance or Technical Accounting.

Specialized Accounting and Finance Vetting Solutions

Specialized staffing solutions focusing solely on accounting and finance offer a distinct advantage: they understand the industry’s nuances inside and out. Talent professionals with a background in public accounting are adept at attracting and vetting the right talent. This specialized knowledge extends to understanding the importance of software proficiency in tools like ProSystems, UltraTax, and Lacerte and the value of audit experience in specific industries. Detailed vetting allows for higher-quality matches and quicker placements, setting these specialized solutions apart from generalist providers.

The Beech Valley Approach to Vetting

Beech Valley employs a comprehensive vetting process that includes:

  • Skills and Experience: Every candidate is evaluated based on prior skills and experience in areas like tax, audit, FP&A, and accounting advisory.
  • Aptitude & Personality: Candidates undergo assessments measuring critical thinking and personality traits.
  • Interview & Communication Skills: Our team interviews each candidate to assess their client-facing and communication abilities.
  • Reliability and Responsiveness: Background checks are conducted, and responsiveness is gauged to ensure reliability.

Our approach ensures that only the top 2% of accounting and finance talent is selected. We provide firms with reliable and highly skilled professionals for roles like CFO advisory, Transaction Advisory, and busy season Tax and Audit consultants.

The Tangible Benefits

  • Speed: The average time to hire is just 2.2 days.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Zero recruiting fees, a high success rate, and first 80-hour guarantee minimize financial risks.  Finally, when the project is complete, the consultant rolls off as there is no minimum hour requirement.
  • Flexibility: The ability to quickly scale up or down as needed, offering significant cost savings per consultant.

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