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Case Study

How we helped a regional CPA firm secure a time-sensitive $1.6 million project

  • July 03, 2023
  • 3 min. read

This top 75 Accounting and Advisory Firm had the opportunity to secure a time-sensitive $1.6 million project.

Here’s how we helped them:

  • Rapidly scale up their team
  • Exceed their client’s expectations
  • Grow their business


Expansion and growth were on the horizon for this top accounting firm. They were already opening their doors to opportunities on the West Coast and in Europe when yet another opportunity presented itself to the firm: a project based in Las Vegas that would increase their revenue and market share within the region. The firm, however, was at an impasse. With no senior staff to spare, they needed to find a team of experienced and uniquely qualified senior associates and managers within a week in order to accept the job.

We met the challenge head-on. With our resources and input, we delivered a team of freelancers that have carried the project to success and brought recurring revenue to our client.

Our Role:

  • Providing contract-based accounting professionals who would be willing to serve on the ground in Las Vegas for a period of 3+ months, with the likelihood of extending beyond a year.
  • Maintaining an ongoing relationship with the client to continually match freelance talent with specific skillsets to high-value projects.


Originally, our client connected with us to support their tax practice through busy season.

But as we consulted with the firm’s shareholders, we learned that the firm had aspirations
to grow their existing advisory teams and expand into new service lines, including financial
accounting advisory. Not only that, but they had the opportunity to outbid the Big 4 on a large
finance transformation project in Las Vegas. With their senior-level staff fully utilized, the firm
was at a crossroads: either hire staff for the project within one week or lose the bid.

Finding a qualified team on short notice was seemingly impossible. The project entailed specific
objectives that would require trained and experienced accountants with a blend of public
accounting and industry experience. Project objectives included consolidations, revenue
reporting, Salesforce integration, audit prep, finance transformation, and more. The firm
required no fewer than four senior associates and one manager to initiate the project.


The Beech Valley team went straight to work. With our extensive network of pre-vetted CPA talent, we were able to quickly produce a pool of experienced candidates to meet our client’s tight deadline.
Within 24 hours, our Account Manager produced 6 senior associates and 3 managers for the firm to interview. All were highly qualified. All were willing to report for work in Las Vegas by the following Monday.

Due to our working knowledge of the firm, their service lines, and the specialized needs of the project, we were able to select candidates who far exceeded expectations. Our client selected 5 of the candidates, all of whom began work in Las Vegas the following week.


The project flourished. The team was able to solve challenging problems for their client,
gaining a minimum 6-month extension on the original terms of the contract, and exceeding the
firm’s anticipated revenue. They accrued $1.6 million during phase 1 of the project, with the
client electing to extend the existing engagement team to assist with additional management
reporting objectives.

All 5 of the Beech Valley freelancers had their contracts extended beyond the original terms of the project. Our client described them as, “Exceptional professionals doing great work for us!”

After nearly losing the project due to limited resource availability, the firm is delighted with
Beech Valley’s ability to vet, source, and maintain a constant selection of highly-qualified
freelancers. Not only are they satisfied with the quality of the work accomplished, our client—in
partnership with Beech Valley—has the resources to successfully and easily expand into new

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