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Success Stories

Here’s how we approached challenges, exceeded client expectations, and provided long-term solutions. We were able to provide fast, contract-based talent solutions in the form of a nation-wide talent pool of experienced freelance CPAs.

We vetted qualified public accounting professionals and matched the right skills and experience with the needs and culture of the firm.

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Conquer Busy Season

Here’s how we helped a top CPA firm based in Dallas increase revenue and profitability while meeting all of their client deadlines.

Expand your reach. Grow your firm.

This top 75 Accounting and Advisory Firm had the opportunity to secure a time-sensitive $1.6 million project.

Here’s how we helped them rapidly scale up their team, exceed their client’s expectations, and grow their business.

Top-Rated CPAs, Affordable and On‑Demand

  • Leverage ex-Big 4 resources to deliver value to your clients efficiently and affordably
  • Solve complex accounting and finance issues with proven, vetted consultants
  • Meet key deadlines that in-house CPAs are too busy to meet
  • Focus your time and energy on business development. Let Beech Valley handle your staffing