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Meet Advisory Consultant: Alan

By Brad Hughes

  • September 27, 2022
  • 1 min. read

Expertise: CFO Advisory, Transaction Advisory Services

Lifestage: Young Professional Father

Beech Valley Outcome: Expanded client list and boosted resume with experience at a Top 20 firm.

How long have you been working with Beech Valley?

I have worked with Beech Valley for 6 months.

How many projects did you take on?

I have worked on one project with Beech Valley with a Top 20 firm.

What motivated you to take the leap from full-time to freelancing?

My wife and I are both professionals and we wanted to give our 3 year old son a sibling. Freelance consulting provides me with the flexibility that my family needs as we expand our family. Also, I took the leap into freelancing advisory to capitalize on my experience in public accounting and as a CFO to increase my earning power.

How did Beech Valley influence your career and life path?

Without Beech Valley I probably would not have made the leap. Being part of the Beech Valley network has allowed me to access clients with a credibility that would have been hard for me to establish on my own. Working with a Top 20 firm has certainly strengthened my resume.

Everyone that I have worked with on the Beech Valley team has been friendly and professional. They really make me feel part of a team and I truly feel that they are looking out for my interest as a freelance advisor.

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