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Meet Onorio: Beech Valley Audit Consultant

By Brad Hughes

  • May 02, 2022
  • 1 min. read

“I knew the skills that I brought and the skills I had acquired through my experience, and the only place that seemed to really value that was Beech Valley. From the get-go, they match you up with firms that can best utilize your skills.“

-Onorio Molina, Beech Valley Consultant

I am a CPA with experience performing audits for employee benefit plans, not-for-profit entities, and private businesses. In addition, I help individuals and small businesses achieve their goals by providing them with the resources they need.

In my spare time, I enjoy exercising and playing sports. I am a soccer coach on weekends and really enjoy the flexibility I have working with Beech Valley. Family is very important to me, and having a flexible schedule allows me to balance family and work responsibilities.

The best thing about working with Beech Valley is the people. They understand and value my skills and ensure they match my skill set with the right engagements. Everyone at Beech Valley has been very helpful in finding the right fit for me, and they are constantly checking in and presenting opportunities that align with my schedule and skill set.

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