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Meet Jessie: Beech Valley TAS Consultant

By Brad Hughes

  • August 24, 2022
  • 1 min. read

Expertise: Transaction Advisory Services, Financial Reporting, Month-end-close

Life stage: Professional working mother

Beech Valley Outcome: A growing client list with the ability to control her own schedule.

How long have you been working with Beech Valley?

I started working with Beech Valley in 2021.

How many projects did you take on?

I completed one full-year project.

What motivated you to take the leap from full-time to freelancing?

My motivation to move from full-time accounting to consulting was the ability to control my schedule, work remotely and to have the flexibility I needed for my family. I wanted to work for myself but didn’t know how to obtain clients.

How did Beech Valley influence your career and life path?

Beech Valley has allowed me to take my career into my own hands. I now have the ability to focus on my career while maintaining a work/life balance. I am able to create my own schedule, select the projects I wish to work on and focus solely on work rather than office politics. Beech Valley has also given me access to exceptional clients and projects that I would never have been able to gain on my own. When I am on a project, my sole focus is on that project and the outcomes of my performance are that much greater.

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