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We help CPAs create and grow their own consulting practice

Many predict that by 2020 half of the workforce will be self-employed, allowing these small business owners to build their own company’s brand, take control of their career growth and lifestyle, and take full advantage of the benefits of modern technology.

We are always looking for CPAs with experience working for the Big 4, or for other well-regarded companies. Our role is to connect our client organizations with accountants who are knowledgeable and deadline-oriented.

Get in touch with us if you are interested in designing your own schedule, choosing the accounting projects that interest you, and being short-listed for exclusive positions that never get advertised publicly.

Are you an experienced accountant?

Our consultants can double their income from comparable positions at large accounting and consulting firms.
The ultimate way to get market price is to work for yourself, by starting your own company. That seems obvious to any ambitious person now.. PAUL GRAHAM

Co-Founder, Y-Combinator

Hear what it’s like to work with Beech Valley

Working with Beech Valley has proven to be an excellent career move. I’ve greatly expanded my technical skillset and have grown my network to become a more complete professional. Plus, I’ve been able to take multiple extended vacations to Europe while increasing my annual income. Unal Patel


The 3 Reasons Beech Valley is Attractive to Consultants

Compensation - We pay you for every minute you work

We pay you for every minute you work.

Our consultants can double their income from comparable positions at large accounting and consulting firms. And, we offer profit sharing incentives for business development and recruiting.


We don’t have a multi-million dollar marketing team, national in-house trainings or a downtown skyscraper. Ten years ago, firms needed a large footprint to succeed, but today all of this can be had at a fraction of the price, if not for free. We keep overhead low, and pass the significant savings we experience to our clients and our CPAs.

Contact us and we can design a compensation plan specific to your career aspirations

Flexibility - Work WHEN you want. Work on WHAT you want

Work when you want. Work on WHAT you want.

The When – Always wanted to take a three month trip to Southeast Asia? Or, want to spend more time at home with your family? You set your own schedule, and we provide the resources and support for you to succeed on your time.

The What – Tired of traveling? Or, been looking for opportunities to switch to Advisory? We want you to be excited about your schedule, so it’s completely up to you to accept or reject work.

Contact us and we can design a schedule that you control

Growth - Develop the skills you didn’t think you could before

Develop the skills you didn’t think you could at your old job.

Learn a new skill. Sell work. Celebrate wins.

We didn’t start Beech Valley for the flexibility or the compensation. We started Beech Valley to develop the professional skills that were neglected at our Big 4 jobs.

We were tired of auditing, and we wanted to make our clients’ lives easier, not miserable. We were sick of sitting on the sidelines for business development meetings and important recruiting decisions.
So we started Beech Valley with the notion that we should all work on the types of engagements that motivate us. From technical accounting advisory to transaction services, our goal is to help you grow into a more complete professional.

Contact us if you’re ready to take on projects that develop your skills and put you in the driver’s seat

Take control of your future

  • Set your own schedule by choosing when and where you’re willing to work
  • Diversify your technical skills on new, exciting projects and expand your professional network
  • Get paid substantially more for every single hour you work
  • Make an impression as a top advisor at sought-after companies, and begin to build a team of your own

Grow your own accounting business with us

At Beech Valley, we’re accountants ourselves, with an understanding of how to bypass the rough patches during the recruitment process. We can help connect you with companies who know the value of a top-notch accountant.

We specialize in technical accounting, reporting and FP&A, and transaction services.