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Join the Premium Beech Valley CPA Network for Free

By Brad Hughes

  • February 09, 2018
  • 2 min. read

Beech Valley can now present you with projects that are specifically relevant to you.

All you have to do is formally apply to join our network, which only consists of uploading your resume (or giving us your LinkedIn profile if you don’t have one).

Our software then automatically extracts all your experience from your resume, so we can match your specific skills to open projects.

If you have public accounting experience, corporate finance background, or other niche accounting skills, upload your info here.

So, what happens once you have my resume?

We will send you a text message anytime a project comes through that you are an ideal candidate for. The text will include the rate, timeline, and location, as well as a brief note on the type of work.

If you’re interested, just text or call us back! We’ll have a more detailed conversation that outlines the project.

And if you aren’t, just ignore us! Your resume would never be shared with a client until we get your permission.

It’s quick and easy, and if nothing else, it’s always great to learn how much you can make per hour…

Thanks for applying, and we look forward to making this process easier for all of you reap the benefits of being your own boss.


-Beech Valley Team

PS – the sooner you apply, the higher you’ll rank when we aggregate qualified candidates for specific roles. So be sure to do so whenever you have a spare couple minutes. After all, you just need a resume or a LinkedIn profile.

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