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Beech Valley Solutions Referral Program | Help Expand our Freelance CPA Network

By Brad Hughes

  • October 29, 2019
  • 3 min. read

Top consultants learn early on that cross-selling is key to growing a business. Cross-selling means offering related products or services to existing customers based on their needs and interests.
Many experts swear by it as a growth strategy because it:

  • Builds customer loyalty
  • Strengthens relationships
  • Increases lifetime customer value
  • Improves retention
  • Helps develop leads through referral

Basically, clients love it when you can provide additional services to solve their problems, and it means more business for you. Everybody wins.
However, many freelance CPAs struggle to take advantage of these opportunities because they don’t have the expertise or connections. Well, not anymore.
Beech Valley Solutions is excited to announce a new program to help freelance CPAs earn more in the gig economy.

Introducing the Direct Referral and White Label Programs
Let’s say you’re working with a client on 606 and you find out they’re considering a NetSuite implementation. Ideally, you can provide this extra service (or any other service outside your area of expertise) to the client via a partner and take a percentage.
This is great if you know someone who provides that particular service.
With the Beech Valley Network, you can instantly find an expert in any niche, no matter how specialized. Now, if you discover that one of your clients has an accounting, finance, or IT needs, you can use our network to provide them a solution, while increasing your profits.
During our pilot program, some CPAs earned thousands of dollars in monthly commissions. It was such a success that now we’re offering it to everyone on the platform!

Two Ways to Earn
We have two ways for freelance CPAs (consultants) to take advantage of these opportunities:

1.) The Direct Referral Approach
You connect us directly to your client.
If they hire one of our service providers, you’ll get a 10% commission on the net revenue earned through that placement for up to 3 years.
The Direct Referral Approach lets you earn commissions without having to worry about any legal or administrative details.
We’re always looking for ways to help CPAs leverage the gig economy for more flexibility and income – and we think we’re onto something with this new initiative.

2.) The White Label Approach
You work directly with the client:

  • Just let us know your client’s need, and we’ll connect you with potential service providers and their hourly rates
  • Then present the provider directly to your client under your own firm name

Mark up the hourly rate as you see fit, but we strongly recommend you notify your client that you’re working with another freelancer to provide this service. There’s no need to specify that the resource came from us unless you want to.
With the White Label Approach, you control your pricing as you grow your brand by leveraging our network of top performers.
Have a client that needs some help? Contact us and we’ll get started today!

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