Beech Valley is predicated on making a career path for highly qualified CPAs seeking those seemingly elusive flexible accounting jobs. There are few full-time jobs out there that can mirror the flexibility of taking a project-based approach to your career, so we provide top tier CPAs with challenging and high-paying projects.
Of course, as a freelancer, you can accept or reject project opportunities at your own discretion.

This post will focus on the process of accepting or rejecting projects, from learning of an opportunity to beginning fieldwork.


Step 1: Learning about Opportunities
There are multiple ways to learn of freelance accounting opportunities with Beech Valley, described below:


Option 1: Contact us directly.

Contacting us directly is the most effective way to learn about specific Beech Valley opportunities. We’ll add you to our platform and directly identify relevant projects for you specific to your skills, rate, and location preferences.


Option 2: Join our mailing list

We send out interesting project opportunities spanning all major markets through our mailing list. Should you be ready to make the jump to freelance accounting, or wrapping up a different project, this is a great way to stay up to date.

To opt in to our mailing list, just provide us with your email address on the submission of our hourly rate calculator.


Option 3: Monitor our blog

We sometimes have last minute project needs that we cannot staff inside of our network. These roles will be posted on our blog as Beech Valley Featured Jobs.


Step 2: Discussing the Opportunity
As projects arise that match your preferences, we’ll reach out to you to discuss your upcoming availability, the specifics of the project, and to address any questions you may have.
Should you be interested in moving forward, the next step typically involves a client interview, either in-person or over-the-phone.

For those interested in the opportunity that have reached out in response to an email or job posting, but not yet in our system, we will schedule a call to first go over your accounting background. Our standard procedures call for a resume and a reference, and sometimes our clients may require a background check.

We’ll also discuss the specifics of the engagement and, should you be interested, next steps involved in moving forward.


Step 3: Accepting the Project
As always, you’ll have to option to accept or reject any project offered to you.
Once you have accepted a project, we’ll extend our standard agreement which outlines the terms of the proposed engagement. We’ll also coordinate with you and our client to facilitate an introduction, ensure you are squared away with the appropriate technology, and coordinate logistics for your first day of work.
And that’s it. It’s pretty simple. So if you are interested in greater flexibility, increased compensation for every hour you work, and the chance to be in full control of your own career, apply today!