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We solve the Seasonality Problem for CPA firms

Accounting firms who use Beech Valley freelancers during busy season save $46,000 per freelancer utilized.
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Experience the Benefits of the On Demand Economy

With near-full employment and universally high demand for CPAs, firms who are building the ideal workforce are retaining their top stars while discovering innovative ways to identify and attract new talent. Working with Beech Valley increases your access to top CPA talent, allowing your firm to balance resource capacity with client demand. Our clients experience significant cost savings and increased employee morale from their team.

Why work with us?

Never turn down a project
Consider us an extension of your existing staff.
Bid on projects with the confidence that we can help you staff.
Save Money
Save significant amounts of money by being able to efficiently match your staffing levels with client demands.
Increase Client Satisfaction
Your clients will love your ability to consistently hit deadlines.

Beech Valley vs. traditional hiring by the numbers

Beech Valley Traditional Hiring Processes
Time to source top CPA 2.2 days 2 - 6 months
Recruiting Fees $0 $20,000
Failure rate Very low (under 4%) Moderate (10% plus)
Cost of a bad hire $0 $22,500
Savings associated with using a flex talent bench $46,000 per freelancer n/a
If you’re not satisfied with your Beech Valley CPA after two weeks, just let us know. We’ll offer a 100% refund and replace them with a new CPA that meets the criteria of what your firm needs.

Beech Valley’s Vetting Process

Beech Valley has an efficient, systematic approach to vetting the top 2% of CPA freelance talent.

Skills and experience

Every CPA that applies to our network is evaluated based on their prior skills and experience, as indicated on their resume or through client feedback obtained from previous Beech Valley project work. We primarily work with CPAs who have prior experience in public accounting and / or consulting.

Interview – Communication skills

Every CPA who passes the Skills and Experience assessment is interviewed by a Beech Valley team member. CPAs are rated internally on their communication skills and personality.

Reliability – Responsiveness and reference checks

Every CPA who passes the interview provides references. Candidates are rated not only on the responses provided by references (which are almost always positive!), but also on the quality of references provided.

Candidates who provide references that were direct supervisors at recent positions score highly in this assessment.

Testing – Aptitude and Personality Skills

Candidates who passed the previous sections are requested to take Aptitude and Personality tests.

The tests utilized by Beech Valley are an objective measure of expected performance, and applicants who score well on both tests tend to be adaptable and able to rapidly pick up new processes, systems, and challenges.

Meet just a few of our 9,452 freelance CPAs

Our individual advisors have the public accounting and industry experience to immediately add value to your organization.


$45 – $65 / hour
Senior Associate
$65 – $75 / hour
$75 – $90 / hour
Senior Manager
$95 / hour

Just a few of the cutting edge firms utilizing Top CPAs through the Beech Valley platform: