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Why work with us?

You need an interim replacement

A key team member is taking a leave of absence, and you need someone who can take their place and hit the ground running.

You need an expert

A non-recurring need has arisen, possibly due to an acquisition or divestiture, the implementation of new accounting standards, or a new system implementation.

You need top quality

Our average CPA has 5+ years of public accounting experience, as well as multiple years’ experience in FP&A, controllership / CFO, or reporting.

Beech Valley CPAs on-demand require no long-term financial commitment.

Should a client opportunity fall through, or engagement needs change, there’s no charge to cancelling or replacing our CPAs.

Our clients include venture-funded startups, PE-owned middle market companies, and several of the Fortune 500. Here are just a few of our recent clients:

Meet just a few of our 9,452 freelance CPAs

Our individual advisors have the public accounting and industry experience to immediately add value to your organization.

How it works

We’ve built a network of 9,452 ex-Big 4 caliber resources looking for project-based roles. Our resources are available on-demand within a week’s notice, with no long-term commitment required by our clients. Our people are ready to help your firm or company grow.

Here's an overview of our process:

Our team works to identify the key technical and cultural competencies required for the role. We create a quantifiable baseline to evaluate candidates, setting up all parties for long-term success.
Our freelancer platform allows us to quickly identify pre-vetted talent with the requisite experience. Our team of former Big 4 assurance professionals interviews each candidate to assess core competencies.
We present the best 2-3 candidates for your review. Each candidate is accompanied by a brief bio, resume, and rate. Most clients then perform final interviews coordinated by our team, and select the ideal candidate.
Once a candidate is selected, a start date is agreed upon, typically within 48 hours of final interview. Our CPAs are ready to immediately deliver value, and there is no financial commitment beyond hours accrued to date should project demands change.

Beech Valley's Vetting Process

Beech Valley has an efficient, systematic approach to vetting the top 2% of CPA freelance talent.

Skills and experience

Every CPA that applies to our network is evaluated based on their prior skills and experience, as indicated on their resume or through client feedback obtained from previous Beech Valley project work. We primarily work with CPAs who have prior experience in public accounting and / or consulting.

Interview - Communication skills

Every CPA who passes the Skills and Experience assessment is interviewed by a Beech Valley team member. CPAs are rated internally on their communication skills and personality.

Reliability - Responsiveness and reference checks

Every CPA who passes the interview provides references. Candidates are rated not only on the responses provided by references (which are almost always positive!), but also on the quality of references provided.

Candidates who provide references that were direct supervisors at recent positions score highly in this assessment.

Testing - Aptitude and Personality Skills

Candidates who passed the previous sections are requested to take Aptitude and Personality tests.

The tests utilized by Beech Valley are an objective measure of expected performance, and applicants who score well on both tests tend to be adaptable and able to rapidly pick up new processes, systems, and challenges.

Top-Rated CPAs, Affordable and On‑Demand

  • Leverage ex-Big 4 resources to deliver value to your clients efficiently and affordably
  • Solve complex accounting and finance issues with proven, vetted consultants
  • Meet key deadlines that in-house CPAs are too busy to meet
  • Focus your time and energy on business development. Let Beech Valley handle your staffing