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Conquer Busy Season

How we helped a top Dallas-based CPA firm increase revenue and profitability without burning out their top performers.


Like most accounting firms across the country, our client dreaded the onslaught of busy season. Long hours, low employee morale, and unmet deadlines were no longer a permissible option. As a growing firm, their goal was to manage employee satisfaction while systematically overcoming the challenges of their busiest time of the year. At the same time, they were faced with increasing demands from current and prospective clients, but their ability to take advantage of these opportunities was constrained by the tough labor market for top CPAs.

Here’s how we met the challenge of their growing workload and provided a long- term solution to end the busyness of the busy season and bring fulfillment back into the workplace.


Providing fast, contract-based talent solutions in the form of a nation-wide talent pool of experienced freelance CPAs; vetting qualified public accounting professionals and matching the right skills and experience with the needs and culture of the firm.


Busy season is a challenge for any firm, small or large. Our client, however, was facing an even bigger challenge: growth. Not only were they navigating diminished employee morale in the face of long hours and steep customer expectations, but they were growing. And rapidly.

This fast-paced growth left executives in a difficult position. They were uncovering endless opportunities with current and prospective clients, but their ability to propose solutions was limited due to the time and effort to grow their existing team. They lacked the time and resources required to search for, interview, and hire a full-time employee. Yet, they needed additional capacity to disperse the workload—or run the risk of missing out on growth opportunities or overworking and exhausting their current full-time employees.

Outsourcing the extra work to contracting companies and part-time preparers was out of the question. Quality control was a significant factor for the growing firm, and these agencies would leave them with little-to-no control over the final product.

Outsourcing the work of hiring a full-time employee was also an ineffective solution. While the new employee would bring much-needed seasonal help, their annual salary could become unnecessary overheard during slower seasons.

“We provided a solution that would check all the boxes… and then some.”


We provided a solution that would check all the boxes…and then some. After an initial conference with our client, they decided to hire one contractor to help them navigate their current workload. We provided a list of vetted freelancers who were qualified and a good fit for their culture, software, and client base.

The firm began conducting interviews with our candidates and quickly realized that Beech Valley’s standards for quality were much higher than they originally expected. Our client requested help with four more open positions, which we were able to quickly and easily fill.


The busy season never looked better.

The partners at the firm were able to bring some joy back into the office by keeping workloads manageable, reporting that employee morale was at an all- time high coming out of the busy season. The firm added new clients left and right, while the work was evenly distributed across their existing team and newly-added freelance talent.

Not only were the freelancers a perfect match for their systems and solutions— each freelancer had significant experience preparing and reviewing small business returns in ProSeries, the firm’s software of choice—their work ethic and quality brought needed support to their existing staff. Our client described working with us as “the absolute best busy season ever experienced at the firm.”

All deadlines were met. Work was evenly distributed. Both clients and employees were satisfied. And did we mention that our client saved money while growing their top line?

Their successes have resulted in a continuing partnership with Beech Valley.

The firm estimated an annual cost savings of $200,000, thanks to their ability to flex up their resource capabilities during the busiest time of year, and then flex back down after the busy season.

What do long-term solutions look like in a short-term, contract economy?

We’ve established a recurring relationship with their top-performing contractors to provide ongoing support for the next busy season, and beyond.

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★★★★★ “We can’t thank them enough for their help. Working with Beech Valley has been a really positive experience for us that led to the best busy season ever experienced by our firm. We consider them to be an integral part of our growth strategy going forward.”

– Dallas-based CPA firm

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