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Beech Valley consultants enjoy higher pay for every hour worked, the flexibility to accept or reject projects, and the ability to diversify their skill sets.

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  • Know your worth: Top Tier CPAs are worth more than their full-time salaries would indicate.
  • Add value: Solve problems for companies that make a real impact beyond compliance.
  • Take control: Project-based opportunities allow for better control over your life and career.

CPAs who work on our projects earn double per hour what they would make as a full-time employee.

We’ve built a network of companies looking for ex-Big 4 caliber CPAs who desire project-based roles.

These companies are willing and able to pay top-dollar for flexible, experienced people who can solve problems and meet accounting standards in a variety of areas.

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We work non-stop to connect the best companies with top-quality CPAs. Joining our mailing list means receiving these opportunities approximately every week or two.

Working with Beech Valley has proven to be an excellent career move. I've greatly expanded my technical skillset and have grown my network to become a more complete professional. Plus, I’ve been able to take multiple extended vacations to Europe while increasing my annual income.

Unal Patel