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Solving Seasonality: How to leverage Freelance CPAs to Increase Profitability

With near full-employment and universally high demand for CPAs, firms that are building the ideal workforce are retaining their top stars while discovering innovative ways to identify and attract new talent.

This white paper demonstrates how working with a flex bench of top seasonal CPAs will increase your firm’s profitability, as well as satisfaction amongst clients and existing employees. It also analyzes the unique challenges to hiring and managing seasonal workers, offering advice on how to avoid common pitfalls..

We can add value to your firm if you have experienced any of the following:

  • Senior Associates and Managers who jettison your firm in November and December, leaving you high and dry for busy season.
  • Slim profits due to idle staffing levels during non-busy season.
  • Missed client deadlines and – worst of all – client attrition due to your top professionals being spread too thin across clients.

Download Report: Solving Seasonality

No need to lose your best people for busy season. Download the full report.

Did you know:

Our clients who outsource 10% of their staff to freelance assurance and tax professionals save on average forty-six thousand dollars per freelancer. Interested in seeing the full report? JUST TELL US WHERE TO SEND IT.