CPA Firms can save substantially when using our ON-DEMAND TAX SPECIALISTS

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For more than a decade, we have worked with dozens of firms of all sizes, and we have the data to prove the substantial cost savings of outsourcing to on-demand CPA.

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Our On Demand CPAs are Specialists in the Following Areas:

  • ASC 740: Tax Provisions
  • Federal taxes
  • Form 1120S (S Corp Returns)
  • 1120 (C-Corps)
  • Form 1065 (Partnerships)
  • High net worth individuals
  • Multistate returns
  • SALT Research
  • Tax Research and technical memos
  • Form 5500 (Expats)
  • R&D Tax Credits
  • Sales and Use Tax
  • Sales Tax
  • International Taxes

Beech Valley vs. Traditional Hiring By the Numbers

Beech Valley Traditional Hiring Processes
Time to source top CPA 2.2 days 2 - 6 months
Recruiting Fees $0 $20,000
Failure rate Very low (under 4%) Moderate (10% plus)
Cost of a bad hire $0 $22,500
Savings associated with using a flex talent bench $46,000 per freelancer n/a
If you’re not satisfied with your Beech Valley CPA after two weeks, just let us know. We’ll offer a 100% refund and replace them with a new CPA that meets the criteria of what your firm needs.

Just a few of the cutting edge firms utilizing Top CPAs through the Beech Valley platform:


Beech Valley is the premiere network that connects top tier CPAs with freelance opportunities in advisory, assurance and tax. Beech Valley consultants enjoy higher pay for every hour worked, the flexibility to accept or reject projects, and the ability to diversify their skill sets.

We have a network of CPAs across the country.

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