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Travel CPA

How it Works: Client Travel with Beech Valley

Highlights: Some projects require out-of-town travel; some don’t. You will be reimbursed for all out-of-town travel engagements. We compensate freelancers half their hourly rate for time spent on out-of-town travel. Oftentimes, flexible arrangements can be worked out...

freelance accountant

Do I Have Enough Public Accounting Experience to Advise Clients as a Freelancer?

We regularly meet with CPAs considering taking the leap from salaried employee to self-employed consultant, and there’s one concern that Senior Associates and Managers in public accouting always bring up. Do I really have enough experience to go out on my own? If you...

freelance cpa

Setting up Your Own Accounting Freelancing Business

If you’ve never gone through the process of starting your own accounting business before, all the red tape that goes along with self-employment may seem imposing. Here’s a quick crash course covering four areas that you’ll want to address: Insurance Taxes Retirement...