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Travel CPA

How it Works: Client Travel with Beech Valley

Highlights: Some projects require out-of-town travel; some don’t. You will be reimbursed for all out-of-town travel engagements. We compensate freelancers half their hourly rate for time spent on out-of-town travel. Oftentimes, flexible arrangements can be worked out...

Do You Have Enough Public Accounting Experience to be a Freelance CPA.jpg

Do I Have Enough Public Accounting Experience to Advise Clients as a Freelancer?

We regularly meet with CPAs considering taking the leap from salaried employee to self-employed consultant, and there’s one concern that Senior Associates and Managers in public accouting always bring up. Do I really have enough experience to go out on my own? If you...

freelance cpa

Navigating the Red Tape: Setting up Your Own Accounting Freelancing Business

If you’ve never gone through the process of starting your own accounting business before, all the red tape that goes along with self-employment may seem imposing. Here’s a quick crash course covering four areas that you’ll want to address: Insurance Taxes Retirement...